It needs to be done, but that's OK.

All businesses need accounting services to some extent. If you don't understand it or you don't have time or it just turns you off - don't worry. Our team will make it clear and simple so you can keep on creating.


Accounting services

Accounting is a broad term and covers a lot. Most businesses will at the very least need a set of accounts at the year end and a tax return.

But there are many more things to deal with as a business grows.

Initially there will be other processing and returns such as:

  • VAT registrations and returns
  • Bookkeeping and processing payments
  • Credit control – chasing people who owe you money
  • Payroll and pension contributions for employees

Then as you grow there will be more complex issues about structure and share capital, funding, management reports and cashflow management. Sometimes these issues crop up in the early days as well. 

There may be specific tax issues to deal with or plans to make for the future if you are looking to exit the business.  You may need to get a loan or want to bring in an investor move into a new market .. the list goes on and on. All of theses things will require some input from an accountant.

At WardWilliams Creative our aim is to hold your hand at every stage and help you to make your  dreams for the business become a reality. Our services are specialised, flexible, competitive and come with a lot of love, what more could you want?

Year end accounts

This is a legal requirement and often needed when trying to get loans and mortgages.

Company tax return CT600

Also a legal requirement if the company is trading. There are various different rules about what expenses are allowed and disallowed in your business – for tax purposes. We can help explain the rules so that you know what to put where.

Sole traders and the self employee’d

All your income needs to be declared to HMRC in annual personal tax return, we can help you put together basic accounts and calculate the tax as well as taking care of the filings.

VAT returns

Once your turnover passes the threshold (currently £85,000) you must register for VAT no matter if you have a Ltd company or you are a sole trader. There are different VAT schemes available and different VAT rates, we can get you sorted on the appropriate scheme and take care of the returns for you.


We are Xero Partners and Xero certified so unsurprisingly we like to use Xero for bookkeeping. We can do as much or as little as needed, including credit control and making payments.

Payroll and pension 

We can set up and run the payroll and manage the pension contributions and tax calculations, sort out payslips and P60s and P45s.  

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