So many bumps in the road

Anyone who is in business knows that you need to expect the unexpected. Whatever the latest drama brings we can help you deal with it and get ready for the next one.

Advisory and consultancy services

Advisory services

Another day and business adventure. Somethings in business are cyclical and can be seen easily, we can help you plan for this, be it the months of the year you know there is no work or an annual event that sucks all your cash. 

There will also be things that you want to address, such as a restructuring, investment rounds or setting up internal reporting processes. These are projects that take time and thought , but with our expert guidance you will get the outcome you wanted and will have had one of our team on hand all along to make sure you understand the step and are tooled up to make the relevant decisions when they need to be made.

The more stressful issues are the ones that crop up totally unexpected and put you under pressure. Usually this is to do with resources, the most common one being cash. Many business struggle with cash management and it happens for so many reasons, rapid growth, loss of a big customer, changes to the market or even a global pandemic!

Management reports →

Anyone can run off a report but a page of numbers can be more confusing than helpful. The aim of our reports is to make it clear and easy to understand, easy on the eye and the brain and help you make good business decisions.

Growth planning →

Growing a business can be fun and exciting but if you are not prepared for it, it can be a nightmare. From structure to reporting and process, we can help you navigate this high pressure, high-risk stage. 

Share structure →

From just setting up to raising Millions of pounds in investment, the company share structure is vital and can lead to costly and complicated issues down the road if not addressed correctly. We can guide you through the issues and options.

Business valuations →

At some point, most businesses will need to be valued. If you want to give share options to employees or sell to investors if you want to look at a management buy out or just want to know what your business is worth. Whatever the reason we can provide a valuation and deal with whatever else is happening alongside it.

Flexible management support →

To stay on top of the finances, a business really needs someone looking at the figures on a regular basis, but until it is big enough to hire its own finance manager, most struggle and the MD is forced to do everything. We offer a flexible FD service where we can give a dedicated business consultant to take up this mantel and report to you until you can hire for yourself. Be it 2 hours a week or 2 hours a month, it’s like we said, it is flexible.

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