Management reports

Give me sight beyond sight.

To make good decisions, you need management reports with good, easy to digest data, regularly. It's that simple.

We see some business with no management reports and we see some with very complex and impressive looking reports, but often the issue is the same. The decision-makers are not able to digest the relevant information they need to answer important questions about the business.

We look at your business to understand what you are trying to achieve, we work with you to find answers to questions you could have. For example:

  • Which jobs did I make money on this year, and how can I get more jobs like that one?
  • At what point should I hire more staff?
  • How do I know when we might run out of cash
  • How much stock should I hold?
  • How much credit should I give my clients?
  • What is our break-even or burn rate?

We can find out what’s important to you and suggest a way to monitor and report on it. We can also provide reports that are easy to digest, in that they are not pages and pages of numbers but are much more visual – which is often helpful to creative minds.

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