We know how much you love tax

Which is not very much at all, but it is here to stay so let us find the best way to keep you tax efficient and on good terms with HMRC.

Tax advice

Tax services

There are many different types of tax that a business and individual will encounter at different stages of life.

We help our clients understand the rules, the options and the best way to arrange their affairs.

As different rates and schemes are relevant at different points in time, we keep in contact with our clients to make sure we can spot any potential issues before they occur. This way our clients feel free to run their business knowing that we will guide them away from costly mistakes and keep the tax at manageable levels

Tax planning →

If you have plans for the business or personally then tell us about them and we can make a plan to ensure you don’t suffer undue costs.

R&D claims →

We are well practised at making claims under the government R&D relief scheme which can reduce your corporation tax or result in a cash injection.

HMRC investigations →

The revenue does spot check, random selections and targeted investigations. No matter what the reason, we can help. 

Insurance →

We offer a fee protection policy that will cover the cost of our fees if HMRC opens an investigation into your affairs.

Industry-specific claims →

There are lots of very specific tax reliefs we can help with, the most common being R&D, VGTR and Film Tax.

EIS/SEIS applications →

To help win investors attention, you may want to offer SEIS and EIS shares, we can make the application for advanced assurance and manage the process from start to finish.

EMI schemes →

A great way to reward and retain key employees. We can get an EMI scheme in place so that you can offer shares to the important people in the business.

Specialist tax for culture

You may have heard of Cultural Investment Tax Reliefs (CITR).

These special reliefs are designed to boost important sectors of the economy.


Important in terms of culture and economic contribution.


We help our clients find the reliefs that best suit them and maximise any possible claims.


Some are more well known than others, so look over the list and see if anything seems relevant to you. Contact us to see if we can help you and your business benefit.

Film Tax Credits (FTC)

High-end Television Tax Relief (HTTR)

Animation Tax Relief (ATR)

Theatre Tax relief (TTR)

Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR)

Video Game Tax Relief (VGTR)

Museum and Galleries Tax Relief (MGTR)




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