EMI schemes

It's becoming more important to offer benefits and reward the loyalty of key employees to retain them. EMI is a great way to do that.

The Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI) scheme is aimed at helping businesses reward and retain employees.

It may be that you are a start-up and can’t pay competitive wages yet so giving shares is a good way to bridge the gap.

It may be that you want to keep certain employees and giving them shares will tie them and their commitment to the business.

Whatever the reason, the EMI scheme allows a business to issue share options to employees at a set price – which they can purchase at a date in the future. The hope is that at that future date, the shares will be worth more than the share option price so the employee makes a nice gain- which is tax-free under the scheme. We can help set up EMI schemes so if you are thinking about it – give us a call.

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