Industry-specific claims

The government have set up tax relief schemes for certain industries to help them survive and grow. We help our clients maximise these claims.

Some industries face very harsh competition and cash pressures. To make sure the UK is able to compete on the world stage the Government has tried to help the most needy of these sectors.

The most common ones are:

Video Game Tax Relief (VGTR)

To develop a video game takes along time and burns cash and there is nothing to sell to generate revenue all the time. VGTR is there to help businesses get a cash injection to help them make it long enough to get the game into the market.

Film Accounting and Film tax credits

It’s expensive to to make quality cultural films and most funding is found outside of the UK. If your project can pass the BFI cultural test – there may be tax saving and cash refunds available.

R&D tax credits

The R&D scheme is more broad in that it can be applied to any industry, but more specifically you must be able to demonstrate that you are working on something innovative and how. The tax savings and refunds are worth taking a look.

Our team can help you will all of the above and some other schemes too.

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