The power punch

Give a person a fish, they will always needs feeding, teach a person how to fish and they can feed themselves and their family forever. Well it's the same with business knowledge. Sometimes you just need a session in key areas and then you have the tools to do the rest.

Business workshops

Workshops formats

We need to understand what issues you are dealing with and what you are hoping to achieve.

Your area of concern or lack of knowledge may be covered by one of our existing workshops. If not then we can design one to fit your specific issue.

Our workshops are designed to set you on a clear path and fill in any gaps of knowledge or understanding for the business owner or the management team. 

We do offer services to deal with all areas of accounts and reporting so we can do it all for you. We know lots of business owners and managers like to feel that they have the knowledge themselves. We provide that knowledge in efficient manageable workshops.

They include preparation, follow up and are interactive, not to be confused with meetings.

Sometimes all you need is some extra information, a little guidance and insight to know that you have enough understanding and competence to take the next steps with confidence.

Healthcheck →

Things may seem like they are ticking along fine but you want a second opinion. Or maybe you suspect something is not quite right but are not sure what you are missing… This is the perfect workshop for you.

Growth planning →

If you are gearing up for the next stage but not sure what you need to be thinking of. This is a great place to start.

Starting up →

You have the idea and want to start a business but have no idea where to start, not sure if the idea is viable or how to kick things off. We got it covered with our start-up workshop.

Management reporting →

Most businesses already have some sort of report they look at internally but we find many of them are not really helping management answer the questions they have about the business. We can help you establish the key questions, KPIs and how to record and monitor them in an effective way.

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