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Assurance and the Mirco entity

  The ICAEW recently hosted a panel debate on SME confidence from which there are some key considerations around micro entities. The jist of the

Maintaining business records

Most people hate dealing with books and records for their business, and I understand why, but there are cost implications if you don’t give this

Tips for start ups

I come into contact with people starting a new business on a daily basis, some go on to make it work, some don’t. Here are

The funding issue

So…business plan is going well, your idea seems to have feet but you face a major problem: You need money to get it off the

Free Business Surgery

Concerned you are paying too much tax? Maybe you qualify for tax relief or money back under R&D or Patent box relief? Trying to grow

Payments on account, the basics.

Tax returns can be hard work but sometime, especially in today’s business climate it’s finding the cash to pay the tax that can be the biggest problem.