Arts and culture

What separates us from the apes?

A most important collection of individuals and businesses, bringing a depth and richness to life. We need you and you need us. We have been designed to make sure we can help where other accountants fail.

Arts and Culture

The many faces of art and culture

Even as its own industry, this is a broad brush for the range of business we work with under this banner. 

Even so, from artists, to dealers to galleries to performance artists, theatres and everything in between, there are some common areas that crop us as pressure points.

Our experience has helped us find ways to reduce the pressures on you, find ways to make the business. 

Artist at work
Theatre stage

Supporting the scene in they ways only we can

Traditionally those who find themselves in the Arts are not those who have a strong background in business finance and as the jobs come in and start to grow, there is a risk that the finances get out of control.

Well no worries, we are here to make things simple, manageable and get some set processes so that you can focus the next big project.

From accounts to job costing to basic reporting tips and organisation, we are here to help.

Reasons why we're right for you

Specialist creative industry knowledge

We know you are special

There are a range of special schemes and tax credits for Arts and Culture, we know them all and can tell you if any of them are for you.

Understanding project based creative businesses

Every project counts

We know each project needs to be maximised, be it for profit or for the portfolio. We can help you get the most out of them all.

Working together

Support on demand

Creative life can be hectic, unexpected things come up all the time and need to be resolved ASAP. We are on hand to help you when you most need it.

Taking pressure off your shoulders

Take the pressure off

We help our clients feel secure and free to focus on their projects. We are a safe pair of hands and supportive partner you can rely on.

“As a small grassroots creative start up and freelancer, I've been delighted and assured to work with such a personal, knowledgeable, professional and friendly accountant. It's made a big difference to our business!”

Dan Tsu, Founder at Lyrix Organix

Quirks of the industry

There are some quirks to the tax and accounting rules for some of the businesses which fall under Arts and Culture.

We have experience of them all and can offer service that fits your needs. For some, all that is needed is a guiding hand and support in areas they are unsure of. For others, they want to focus on projects entirely and so hand over the accounting and finance side totally.  For some, it is a mix with us covering the basics and then getting more involved as and when complications rise. 

The aim is to give our clients the freedom to focus on delivering the creative output whilst having the peace of mind that all the accounts and filings are taken care off. When issues crop up they know they have a partner there supporting them and helping them make decisions to grow and develop their business.

Film and Theatre tax credits

There are tax credits available for specific projects, we can help with the qualification, calculations and applications.

VAT schemes

For art dealers and those making regular purchases via auction there are specific VAT rules. We can make sure you are using the correct scheme and process the returns.

Arts Council and BFI Film funding

There are various places to look for funding for your next project.  We can help you put together the applications and secure that much needed cash.


Related services

We offer a full range of services from the very basic to in depth business consultancy on specialist projects. 

We usually create a package based on  each businesses specific needs, size and budget. Tell us whats happening in your world and we will offer solutions.

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