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It gets a bad rep for being frivolous and vain, but fashion for many is a form of expression. Working in the business is hard and super competitive. We know the struggles and are here to help.

Fashion and textiles

It looks so glam, until you work in the industry

Most industries are competitive these days but fashion is on a whole new level. Pressure from consumers to keep the cost low but at the same time pressure to not use cheap labour or questionable materials (and rightly so). More focus on waste and ethical supply chains is great for the people and the planet, but it makes it very hard to create sustainable profits. Fashion brands have to maintain a healthy business, meet quality and ethical standards and stay creative all whilst the core audience wants to pay less then every before for a single item. It’s very tough. Those who are up for that challenge – we salute you.

Fashion design
Fashion design office

Bottom line

At WWCreatives, we help take the pressure on in any way we can, be it helping you keep on top of the required filing and taxes, keeping the cost structure of the business as low as possible or helping to cost out projects. 

We can help with business plans for funding, connecting you to a wider network of possible support, collaborations and looking at tax saving.

Reasons why we're right for fashion businesses

Working together

Knowing the game

The struggle is real but we can be a supporting partner to help manage the stressful side of the business - the finances.

Cost aware

Cost structures

Our fees are competitive - we know your margins are already under pressure.

Accounts Assistant

Keeping it simple

Most creatives in fashion have little or no business or accounting training. We act as that part of the business for you so that you can focus on the market.

Understanding project based creatives

Tax savings

We know all the places where you could be saving tax, plus any schemes that crop up that may be relevant to saving you money or bring money in.

“WardWilliams creative are always so helpful and responsive, it's a great service, highly recommend.”

My Lan Patel, Vintage print designer

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We know that as every business is different, it needs different support. All our services and fees can be adapted to make up the perfect  package – just for you . So have a look around the site, at all the ways we can help you. Then, why not get in touch for a free consultation?

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