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Building a video game sounds like a dream job, but it is also extremely hard work and often a money pit. We help you manage the development so that you not only survive the game but can come out victorious.


Dev, test and then dev some more

You start with a great idea, you build a dev team and it seems so simple. Sometimes it is – which is great.

However, more often than not, there are unforeseen issues. More bugs than expected, little features that zap time and before you know it the development time has increased in length and the cash is running low.

Well, don’t worry. We can help, whether it’s assisting you with cash flow management, managing video game tax relief (VGTR), dealing with upscale or scaling down the team, or trying to raise funding for growth. We support our gaming clients in all these areas and lots more.

Gaming studio
VR gaming

Specific gaming tax reliefs

The gaming industry is one of the few creative industries that has been given its own specific tax relief scheme (VGTR). It can be used in conjunction with other tax schemes such R&D.

This means your game development can help you to not only pay less tax but in many cases, receive a cash injection from HMRC. This can really help when your dev team is burning through the coffers.

We can process these tax claims for you as part of the year end returns.

Reasons why we're right for gaming companies

Flexible to fit creative services

Game on

We know the gaming industry, the struggles, the hurdles, and the right tips and tricks you need to make it though to the final.

Cost aware

Collect the coins

We can use the Video Game Tax Relief and R&D tax relief schemes to help you bring in some extra money - useful when there is a squeeze.

Accounts Assistant

Daily hacks

There is so much to stay on top of when developing a game. We take the financial tasks off the to do list so you can focus on the main projects.

Understanding project based creatives

Scores on the doors

Our management reporting can monitor monthly burn rate, forecast how long you can run with current cash levels and suggest solutions.

"They've accompanied me since the inception of Atom Universe, and helped on all fronts. They have a good team who can advise on all disciplines and for a startup like mine it's nice to have a bunch of experts I can rely on, so I can focus my video game business.”

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We believe that all businesses are different, so we offer packages that fit each businesses individual needs. Tell us what’s happening and what you are dealing with and we’ll put together an offering that fits you. Why not make use of our free consultation to see what that means for you and your business?

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