Publishing and authors

Storytellers rule the world

Masters of imagination, grammar and punctuation. It's a powerful mix posessed by our talented writes, authors and those in the publishing sector. From old school printers to online platforms, independents to corporates, we are here to make sure you keep on creating the narratives of the times.

Publishing and authors

The need or the passion

When we speak to our writers and publishers we find passion. Sometimes it’s for the story telling, sometimes for the use of language, but there is always drive.

This what we love, this is why we serve the creative sectors.

As with most of the creative industries the competition here is full on. Finding jobs or commissions, publishers and distributers can take longer than creating the actual work.

We try to free up time and energy for our clients so that their passion and the drive can be focused into creating and getting that creation acknowledged in the world.

Author writing at window
Open book on table top

We give you what you need

For some, we provide a full service of bookkeeping, accounts, reports, tax advice and consultancy.

For others we are a guiding hand waiting in the wings to help when the need arises.

For others, we manage their tax returns and annual filings.

We do what you need us to do so that you can feel comfortable and confident with your financial affairs.

Reasons why we're right for writers and publishers

Taking pressure off your shoulders

Peace of mind

We help our clients feel secure that the finance side of the business is under control. One less thing to worry about.

Cost aware

Tax savings

We help our clients maintain their business affairs and structure in the most tax efficient way.

Working together

Get connected

We only work with creatives so if you are looking for inspiration, partners or collaborators,we can hook you up.

Specialist creative industry knowledge

Specialist advise

Because we only work with creatives, we know specifically what you can and can't claim for in your business and any schemes that may help you.

“Fantastic service, the best accountants for creatives and creative businesses.”

Related services

We offer a flexible service to our clients. Whether you need the basics, year-end accounts and tax returns, or specialist tax advice for creatives we can help. Browse the services and pick out what you want and we will create a package just for you.

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