invisible people

Giving a Voice to The Silent Problem

Creative Shootout Live Final 2024. When Johnny Pitt took to the stage at BAFTA HQ on Thursday 25th January at this year’s Creative Shootout live

Tax, HMRC and NFTs

Tax, HMRC and NFTs

Cryptocurrency is a fast-moving and complicated landscape. Although still fairly new there are rules and regulations beginning to be published, and HMRC will seek to

NFt creative landscape

Where do NFTs fit into the Creative Industry landscape?

Where do NFTs fit with the creative industry landscape as a whole? The most obvious is with digital art but the scope and opportunities are much wider than that. Blockchain technology and NFTs are giving artists and content creators a unique opportunity to monetise their work.

How to make an NFT

How to create an NFT

The story of a fast and loose NFT case study. The truth is, when we tasked our copywriter, Louisa Penny, to write this series of

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