Early-stage growth

Ready, steady, go!

Some businesses just shoot out of the starting blocks. It's very exciting and the possibilities are exciting, but get it wrong early on and it could be game over before you get to power up. We're here to help you avoid the pitfalls and maximise your potential.

Early-stage growth creative businesses

Getting ready for rapid growth

Many creative businesses will start small and slow then build-up over time. However, some creative businesses shoot out of the starting block at breakneck speed and are reaching for the stars with every step they take.

There is no correct path, and how and when you grow is usually based on the opportunity, the resources available, and a bit of luck.

The important thing for a rapid growth business is to lay solid foundations that can support and sustain the coming growth.

We will help you form and strengthen those foundations while making sure you manage the changes that will need to happen at the different stages of growth.

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Why grow with WardWilliams Creative?

We’re recognised as creative industry experts and have extensive experience working with businesses that have big ambitions. Tell us your vision for the business and we’ll help you make them a reality.

From workshops and tax planning to specialist structure advice and financial planning, our team can walk through your plans to make sure the business is in the best position to capitalise on the growth.

We can help with basic business processes like bookkeeping right up to the specialist technical work like getting tax planning and clearance with HMRC for investment schemes like EIS and SEIS. 

Supporting early stage growth

Working together

Trusted partners

During a challenging time, you can take comfort from working with an experienced and specialised partner.

Strong partnerships with creatives

One foot in front of the other

Our clients will tell you we make things simple, walking you through the processes step-by-step.

Understanding project based creative businesses

The choice is yours

Multiple options can be overwhelming, we explain all choices so that you can make confident decisions.

Specialist creative industry knowledge


We know what is likely to happen, we can give you the insight you need to be prepared for what's coming.

“Super efficient and super friendly. Everything is processed at the end of each tax year with minimal effort my end and complete detail at WardWilliams end.”

Jason Mills, Account Manager at Droga5

Funding and tax

The most common issues for a rapid growth company is covering off the possible tax issues, be it for the company, the owners and or the investors. 

The other issue is funding, what type, how much, what is needed to secure it, how do you do achieve it… theses are all concerns we deal with for our clients.

There is a lot to consider so don’t wait too long, speak to an advisor at the earliest opportunity.



Make your business as attractive as possible to investors. We can help you obtain advance assurance from HMRC for these favourable tax schemes.

Valuable Reporting

To manage the growing business and to give comfort to investors and partners you would have some good quality reports in place, we can help you get the relevant information in place in the most useful format.


We offer custom workshops to help you focus on specific issue the business may have, from heath checks to strategy, job costing to profitability.

Specialist tax claims

There are specialist tax reliefs and benefits for different business types and industries. We can let you know which ones you can apply for and manage the application for you.

Related services

With a growing business there are never enough hours in the day. Our clients see the value in focusing their time on the bits they do to best – the creating. They let us do the rest, have look to see the other ways we can help you make a success of your business.


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