Creative Individuals

Your contribution is massive

The creative industries are amazing but what actually keeps them alive and kicking are the millions of individuals doing their thing, day in, day out. People like you!

Individual makers and creative freelancers

Creative freelancers are the real VIPs

When people think of the creative sectors big names come to mind, names like Pinewood or Saatchi. We know that the real story behind these sectors is the people. Not the large organisations, but the individuals who actually make it happen. It’s the millions of hard-working, passionate, and talented people all coming together to create amazing things.

We know how hard you work. We know the struggle, the ups, the downs, and the immense pressure. We are here to help take some of that burden from you so that you can be at your creative best.

Artist at work
Team of creatives

It doesn't have to be lonely or bothersome

We’re recognised as creative industry experts. We know that you thrive as a creative, but that the finance side of business may be your weak area. Maybe you don’t understand it – maybe you do but just don’t want to deal with it! Maybe you simply don’t have the time… all of that is fine with us.

If you want to learn – we will teach you.

If you want to save time – pass the time-consuming work over to us.

If you’re feeling alone on your journey – we will be your companion.

Of course, we’ll deal with your accounts and tax returns, that’s a given, but what our clients love us for is all the other stuff we bring to the party.

Helping creative freelancers and individuals with their careers

Specialist creative industry knowledge

Industry specialsts

Let us share our knowledge with you and make sure you have access to everything available to you.

Building a solid foundation


Our creatives freelancers and individuals are part of our family. We've got your back and are always here for a chat.

Accounts Assistant

Keeping it simple

We can do your tax returns, your accounts and deal with HMRC so that you can focus on bringing the work in.

Working together


We know people, who know people. If you want to collaborate or find new opportunities, we can help.

“Fantastic service, the best accountants for creatives and creative businesses.”

We don't believe in silly questions

We’re here to help, so don’t worry about sounding “silly” or asking any questions you have, guaranteed we have heard them all!  Some of the most common questions we get are:

  • I’m just starting out as a freelancer, what do I need to do?
  • I’ve been freelancing for a while and I am doing ok, should I be considering setting up a limited company?
  • Some of the year I had a PAYE job and then I did some freelancing as well, how do I deal with that?
  • I have rental income and various projects on the go, how should I be structured to be tax-efficient?
  • I’m so busy, which is great, but I’m struggling to stay on top of things – can you help me?
  • I’ve not declared my earnings to HMRC for a while, I may be in a bit of a mess, is this something you can help me with?

We can help you with all of the above and lots more, so don’t be shy, if you have something on your mind just drop us a line. Tell us what’s on your mind and let us do our thing!

Letters of support

Freelancers have a tough time getting mortgages and loans. We can offer support to help you get the best outcome in these situations.

Shout outs

Maybe you need some more work. Maybe you’ve done something amazing and want everyone to know. Maybe you are looking for a collaborator. Let us know and we will spread the word, or feature you in one of our blog posts and newsletters

Tips on improving

Even if what you are doing works absolutely fine, you might like to improve your process or financial set-up. We love to make suggestions that could help you to up your game.

We are family

Yes, it’s cheesy, we know, but it’s also true. We only exist because of our clients, the more they love us the happier we are and vice versa. We are all in it together and that means acting like a family, giving support,  always straight-talking, and of course, lots of love.

Related services

Most creative freelancers will just need basic annual accounts and a personal tax return. If you are doing well (high-five) then you may need to think about becoming a limited company and registering for VAT. In that case, you’re going to need more help. Just let us know where you are and we will give you the best guidance and advise to keep you moving forward in the best way possible.

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