If you make it...

They will come! The ultimate project based work, a sneak behind the scenes reveals just how high pressure this industry is. We help our event clients keep on top of costings and reporting to reduce the pressure.

Event and staffing agencies

Only one try - each time

Everyone loves a good event but most of us don’t realise how much work goes in behind the scenes to make it happen. 

A common issue involves managing staff, as the events industry has a mix of employees and freelancers, and dealing with their expenses and payments can be complicated. Don’t worry we can help take the pain out of that.

Another major issue can be controlling the costs and keeping to the original budget. Many businesses run from job to job and never fully reconcile or review the jobs, let alone monitor them whilst they’re live. We help our clients with job costing and real-time reporting so that additional costs can be flagged up in time to adjust and communicate with their clients.

Event management
Event management

All about the downtime

When the events are live and all your focus is on delivering the best experience you can, you can trust us to keep the accounts ticking over in the background.

The main value however is in looking at the downtime you have.

Common issues we help events businesses with are:

  • Managing cash when there are no events.
  • Using downtime to work on business strategy, goals, and development.
  • Improving the costing and budgeting system to maximise the return on the next jobs.

Reasons why we're right for events businesses

Understanding project based creatives

Project management

You are our project, we want you to become more tax efficient, save costs, improve your budgeting and increasing your profitability. Sound good?

Strong partnerships with creatives

People pains

One of the biggest pain points for events is dealing with people, up staffing, down staffing, contracts and expenses. We have that covered.

Accounts Assistant

Daily admin

The bookkeeping can become a headache with expenses coming in daily and needing to be assigned to jobs and budgets. We can do all that for you. No stress.

Cost aware

Tax planning

Whether its saving you tax on your personal return, reducing corporation tax or planning your exit from the business. We will get you the best outcome.

"They've become an essential part of OurSecretLab’s creative journey, and we literally could not have done what we have, without their guidance and support.”

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We like to offer our clients a package that fits them like a glove. The more we know about you, the better we can tailor our offering. So, have a look around the site then give us a call or email and book in a free consultation and see what we can do for you and your business? 

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