Film, TV and Music

Big on entertainment

Whether you are working on a Netflix project or small local radio, a Hollywood blockbuster, or an independent drama, there will be some common business issues and reliefs. We're here to help you with both.

Film, TV and music


The entertainment sectors have been growing as demand for new and varied content increases, but working in show business can be difficult.

The government has recognised the contribution from these industries and the difficulties they face. In response, there are now multiple schemes to assist the entertainment sectors.

At WardWilliams Creative, we help our clients in various ways from managing the cost of projects to maximising available government schemes to reduce tax and/or boost cash flow.

Film and TV recording

Supporting London film and entertainment projects

Common issues we can help with:

  • Managing cash flow: keeping you on track during slow periods as well as those big spending periods.
  • Job costing and efficiency: if you can budget, monitor and review live jobs and adjust before they run out of control; the savings can be great.
  • Tax claims and refunds: maximising where possible.
  • Management reports: useful reports that actually mean something and help you make decisions.

Reasons why we're right for film, TV and music

Cost aware

Special benefits

There are various government schemes available to these sectors, such as film accounting, Film Tax credits and R&D tax claims. We can help you access and maximise them.

Understanding project based creative businesses

Only as good as the last job

It's not just the creative output but the bottom line. We help with budgeting, job costing and review in real time to maximise project figures.

Taking pressure off your shoulders

Daily pressures

A live job is can be stressful and manic - you don't need to be worrying about the books. We will take care of them and keep you informed, without being another drain on your time.

Strong partnerships with creatives

In it together

We are not just a supplier, we are a partner and we will support you as best as we can all year. You are not alone when you are part of the WardWilliams Creative family.

“Claire, Tom and the rest of Erin’s team are lovely to work with. They have been a great support in our adventure starting a business. Thanks!”

Providing specialist accounting for entertainment industries

We are able to offer you a full service which could include comprehensive tax advice, preparing and managing your statutory annual accounts, bookkeeping and VAT returns, payroll, company filings, and much more.

Or you may just need some simple tax advice and guidance.

You can pick and choose at what you need – we are here to serve.

Film accounting

We can help with all aspects of film accounting. We can also help you put a team together, advise on how to succeed within budget restrictions and offer specialised VAT guidance for film clients.

Film and TV freelancer accounting

We can advise Film & TV contractors and freelancers whether they should trade as a limited company or sole trader. We offer bookkeeping and a tax return service. We will keep on top of your legal requirements whilst you are busy shooting your next project.

Related services

Every creative business is different and what you need from your industry-specific accountant will differ as a result. Let us know what you think you need and we will put some solutions forward for you to pick from. We offer a free consultation, so just book in for a chat, let’s see where we can help out and we can take it from there.

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