Crisis and The Creative Shootout 2020

Q: What do pornography, plastic, and giant gold bottoms have in common?

A: The Creative Shootout

Mischief PR asking us to Be Arsed about Mental Health
Mischief PR asking us to Be Arsed about Mental Health

If you don’t already know (and if you work for a creative marketing agency and you don’t know, where have you BEEN for the last 5 years?) The Creative Shootout is like no other marketing industry award.

Created in 2015 to combat the tired, stuffy and expensive award ceremonies that never showcase the talent (or the ideas that got them there), The Creative Shootout is open to any marketing agency in the UK for entry – until 5 pm on Friday 29th November 2019. Advertising, PR, Digital, Social, Content, Experiential, Promotional – or Integrated. You’re all invited.”

Johnny Pitt; The Creative Shootout
2019 Creative Shootout Winners WIRE

The Creative Shootout gets personal

WardWilliams Creative have been proud sponsors of The Creative Shootout from the beginning.  I am lucky enough to write these blogs so I’ve had the privilege of attending every Creative Shootout to date, and year after year the event has a long-lasting effect. 

Each year on my children’s birthdays, when they blow out the candles on their cakes, I am reminded of the very first shootout for Unicef’s 70th Birthday. I think about the vulnerable children in the world who do not know when their birthday is, let alone the opportunity to celebrate it. I think about mental health amongst men and how conscious of language we have all become – there’s no more “man up” rhetoric as we try to extinguish the concept that men don’t and won’t talk. I think of food waste every time I see a funny-looking vegetable and try to pair it with someone I know! I am more conscious than ever of my plastic consumption and waste – but moreover, I think of the bits of plastic that have made their way into my family’s bodies via the food we eat. 


The Creative Shootout is personal.  It’s not just about the incredible charities and the punchy pitches, it’s about all of us, the choices we make, and how we can make the world a better place.

The Homeless Crisis

Crisis, The Creative Shootout Charity for 2020, is the national charity for homeless people and will provide the brief to the eight agencies chosen for Live Final day.

Unfortunately, homelessness is a growing problem. There are almost 160,000 households experiencing the worst forms of homelessness in Britain. If we carry on as we currently are, this is expected to almost double in the next 25 years:

Having recently marked their 50th anniversary, Crisis know that homelessness is not inevitable. And The Creative Shootout know, that together with the creative industry, they can help put an end to it – as can you, you just need to get involved!

Creative Shootout Founder Johnny Pitt comments: “As we celebrate our fifth year and our biggest yet, The Creative Shootout will do what’s it’s always done; champion the UK’s best creative talent in a real, live and yet supportive environment. We know homelessness is not inevitable, and the creative industry can make a real difference.”

Where, When, How?

It couldn’t be easier.  If you’re a creative agency get your creative juices flowing and pull together a 60-second pitch in any format and get it sent over to The Creative Shootout by 5 pm on 29th November.Agency entry, here

“Whether advertising, PR, digital, events etc.  Any discipline.  Just give us 60 seconds on why you’ve got the creative clout for Crisis.  It can be anything – showreel, creds, ad, experience, cake (clue – something tailored helps!).  But it must be read, viewed or digested in 60 seconds”

Johnny Pitt, The Creative Shootout

From all entries, eight finalist agency teams will be selected to go on and compete in the live head-to-head Final.  Each team will be given a real brief on the day from Crisis – and then have just four hours to come up with their campaign.

They then have 10 minutes to pitch on the giant stage at Picturehouse Central to a packed audience and a high-profile industry-wide Judging Panel. The winning agency will be crowned live on stage that evening, win £10,000 and go on to work with Crisis to see their idea come to life.

60 seconds to enter.

4 hours to create.

10 minutes to shine.

1 major homeless charity to support.

A £10,000 prize.

Industry fame.

See you there!

The Creative Shootout is also about its supporters and audience – after all, we get to vote on the winner too!

Tickets to the Live Final on 23 January 2020 are available now. Grab your spot at the hottest gig in the West End here.

We hope to see many of you there, don’t miss out and get your tickets before they go. 

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  1. What an interesting idea — I love this! Any plans to do it again this year and in a Covid-informed ad market/world?

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